2019 - 5月ViP優惠


500 Bonus VIP Points


● VIP 500pts 優惠只限高栢餐廳VIP會員 
   Copa Cafe VIP Members only

● 此優惠於推廣期内只適用一次
   VIP Bonus Points only apply once during promotion period

● 會員卡5000賬戶積分必需保持於賬戶內至當晚12點後結算為準
   VIP 5000pts balance must be remained overnight in order for the bonus points to be added 

● 此優惠積分會於24小時內自動贈送到會員卡賬戶
   VIP Bonus Points will apply automatically within 24hrs once reaches 5000

● 如有任何爭議,高栢餐廳保留最終決定權及解釋權
   Copa Cafe reserves the right of final decision