Sizzling Plates


The Hong Kong-style "sizzling hot plate dish" is a classic of the soysauce Western repertoire, especially popular in the 1960s when western style steak dishes were not offer. An affordable take on the bloody steak or any other meats, this slab of steak or meat is all about the silky, tender texture, soft enough to eat without your dentures. The gravy is poured tableside so that it sizzles and steams on the hot iron plate for a moment of pomp.


Copa Cafe has carried the Hong Kong style sizzling plates to the best at Vancouver. We work hard to constantly bring you the perfect dish to your order. This menu you can choose from a varieties of combo items and over 8 specialty sauces. With choices of 7 different side plus soup and dessert. Make sure you trying this plate out with an empty stomach.