2017 - 全新VIP優惠


2X 積分外賣優惠 

Double your VIP points 

for PICKUP orders


● 雙倍積分優惠只限高栢餐廳VIP會員  
   Double Points only apply to Copa Cafe VIP Members only

● 此優惠只限顧客親自光臨提取外賣
   Double Points only apply to self pick up.

● 此優惠只適用於$25以上外賣
   Double Points only apply on pick up order over $25. 

● 此優惠不包括送餐服務
   Double Points promotion do not includes delivery service.

● 如有任何爭議,高栢餐廳保留最終決定權及解釋權
   Copa Cafe reserves the right of final decision